Just a normal night out at the bar…

I was at a bar with my mom and step dad last weekend, and a guy I went to high school with came up and asked if I wanted to play pool. So we played a bit and I lost because I suck. But that’s no big shock I legit suck at pool.

giphy (1)

We were having fun reminiscing about high school, catching up, and whatever then he said.  “So not to sound misogynistic, but a pretty girl like you must have a lot of things handed to you right?  Like guys just want to give you everything. What’s that like?” I told him I’ve never received anything I didn’t earn myself and I don’t need any man. I told him I’m one of those crazy feminists you hear about. And Fuck that sexist noise.


And through out the whole night he just kept going on and on, “You’re just really pretty. It’s gotta be easy for you because you’re so pretty. But your just so pretty”…


WTF! Is my face the only thing that matters!? I don’t think so! Then he proceeded to give me his number… For one Fuck you after all this nonsense. For two I told you twice during the night that I’m a Lesbian but you were to drunk to understand… Ugh I’m so sick of men I can’t even stand it…

giphy (2)


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