Evil ass holes… This is a Rant FYI

Today my cousin got this emailed invoice for a new bed she bought her son.


I am seriously fuming over this!

giphy (22)

People are always asking me why I’m so mad, depressed, and stressed all the time. Why I’m taking everything that is going on politically so seriously/personally. This is why! These things are happening everywhere and it is not okay! It’s despicable! I don’t even have words to express how sick it makes me! To do something so hateful and evil to anyone period let alone to strangers you’ve never met is the most fucked up bullshit I’ve ever seen! And to do it on an official document from the place you work! Fuck you Nazi Pricks, you are the legit scum of the earth!

THIS IS MADNESS AND IT NEEDS TO STOP! Get the fuck over your misguided self! How is there ever a time when you think. Yeah you know what I’m gonna write this on here and send it out because Fuck them I hate them! No Fuck you! How would you like it if some stranger wrote something so hateful and threatening to you and your family! Use you god damn brain! Develop some compassion! Treat others the way you want to be treated! Everyone is just trying to survive in this god awful fucked world we live in maybe keep that in mind!



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