God Damn it you little Prick!

I know it’s been a while but today was a big day full of bullshit!

OMG!!! I hope your kids don’t have respiratory and/or health problems because Donald Trump just made it a lot easier for Big Oil, Gas, and Coal to poison our air… Heads up America he doesn’t give a SHIT about you.


Now I understand that the agreement was that all the countries got together to say hey we are all in agreement that we need to do something to prevent further climate change. And I understand that maybe some countries haven’t done such a great job at that. Sure sure. But That doesn’t mean we get to just completely pull out and and start building more mines and factories and rigs. That is literally the worst thing we can do!

giphy (4)

To me (and I think most of the world) the Paris Climate Agreement is not about money which is what Donald Trump is making it out to be. He thinks the agreement is bad for for our economy but the problem is not the money, the problem is Climate change! If we continue to do nothing we are destroying this habitable planet we live on! Now if we destroy the earth and make it so that we can no longer breath because the air is so toxic, feed ourselves because the soil filled with chemicals that prevent plants to grow, or stay hydrated because the water is poisoned then what do we do? NOTHING there is nothing we can do after that! The answer at that point is that we all die! We must take responsibility to help preserve what little we have!

giphy (3)

Donald Fuck Face Trump is the biggest con man EVER and every thing he says is a Lie! Him pulling the United States out of the agreement is purely about money! And not in a way that he is putting it in the american people’s pocket…. nope… Sorry to burst you little Conservative Bubble. This is him loading up his fat cat buddies wallets with your money while shoving shit down your throat! If you don’t see that you are a blind ignorant moron. He doesn’t care about us! He cares about being rich. He keeps crying “Fake News” and “Liberal Media”. He wants you to think that he knows best when in reality he knows nothing… Literally!

giphy (5)

He doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. He thinks that what he is doing reflects what the people want or need. But then ignores the Marches, strikes, and calls that protest what he is doing chalking us up to just a minority. a small group of “Unfair” people who are picking on poor Mr Trump… We are not the Minority! This is the job he wanted, and now that he is in office he is only playing by his own rules, ‘Fuck the Constitution! Fuck the People! Fuck the Environment! Fuck it all! I’m Mr President and you will all do as I say now shut up and sit down…’ No thank you.

giphy (1)

At this point he has made it very clear he can’t be trusted with the american people’s well being. So we all need to step up and do our parts in helping to save our planet. And to the other countries in the world, Please do not think that what this madman does actually represents what we want. He is completely out of touch with what the majority of our country believes in and fights for. He is a selfish little prick and doesn’t deserve one ounce of respect!

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