Just a normal night out at the bar…

I was at a bar with my mom and step dad last weekend, and a guy I went to high school with came up and asked if I wanted to play pool. So we played a bit and I lost because I suck. But that’s no big shock I legit suck at pool.

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We were having fun reminiscing about high school, catching up, and whatever then he said.  “So not to sound misogynistic, but a pretty girl like you must have a lot of things handed to you right?  Like guys just want to give you everything. What’s that like?” I told him I’ve never received anything I didn’t earn myself and I don’t need any man. I told him I’m one of those crazy feminists you hear about. And Fuck that sexist noise.


And through out the whole night he just kept going on and on, “You’re just really pretty. It’s gotta be easy for you because you’re so pretty. But your just so pretty”…


WTF! Is my face the only thing that matters!? I don’t think so! Then he proceeded to give me his number… For one Fuck you after all this nonsense. For two I told you twice during the night that I’m a Lesbian but you were to drunk to understand… Ugh I’m so sick of men I can’t even stand it…

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The Resistance Calendar!



Awesome a one stop shop to keeping tabs on ways to protest The Predator and Chief!

The Resistance Calendar

This is such a great resource, I already had RSVPd to the ones in my area but it’s great to keep an eye on anything new that might come up. Thank you Michael Moore for keeping us Organized! That is going to be one of the things that makes us successful in this fight!


We could have been on top of the world…

I am forever heart broken over this election. She is such an amazing person! Sure she has her flaws no one can deny that. But she would have made an amazing president and you can bet your ass none of this bull shit would be going on under her. She knows the responsibility that come with the Job, she understands the consequences of her actions, and she wants to help the american people.

Trump preached “draining the swamp” and that “Hillary is in wall streets pocket”. I hate to say I told you so but… Big business, corrupt, egotistical, moron, sensitive, baby, piece of shit, monster, ass face, Predator and Chief Trump is the one that is in wall streets Pockets… And actually I don’t hate saying it… Fuck you Suckers, TOLD YOU SO!

Now I don’t want to stir the pot… (To much) But seriously Hillary is so poised and professional. I’m sure she has her Selina Meyer Moments. I think that comes with the territory.


 You have to kiss a lot of asses you really don’t want to, and bend on a lot of things you hold valuable to get anywhere in politics. But she doesn’t act like a little toddler that is having a huge fit. For instance this nonsense about him throwing a fit about a women portraying a man on SNL! Seriously your the FUCKING PRESIDENT NOW! STOP YOUR FUCKING CRYING AND DO YOU GOD DAMN JOB!

(Also side note if you have not watched the 2/04/2017 SNL It is  a must see. Probably one of the best episodes they have ever done.)

And BTW all of us “Professional Protesters” are out there marching to inform you that the majority of this country you are sworn to protect and represent are not happy with your decisions. We are not all out there crying because out candidate lost, we are upset that you are such a fucking selfish moron! You want the Oval office act like you deserve it! Listen to the people that’s your fucking job!

As I was writing this it was announced that Betsy Dumb Ass DeVos was confirmed as Education Secretary in a tie breaking vote made by homophob Vice Bitch Mike Pence… You can expect another Rant to follow soon to address this mess…

Also sorry for the language but seriously what the fuck is going on? How is this real life?




“lesbianism” clinical diagnosis

I am so mad about this right now! What the Actual Fuck! Why do we still have to participate in this stupid selfish Song and dance! Sexuality is not contagious, we were not turned by someone, we are not sick, we don’t have a disease. We are no different than you, you can’t catch “this”. We are born this way it’s time to move on past this Bullshit!!!

Credit to whomever made the gif it’s one of my favorites.