Climate Change is real.

It make me kinda sick… Everyone keeps saying. “What a beautiful day right?” and I always say, “Sure the weather is nice and all, and trust me no one hates the cold and snow more than me, but it’s also super scary and disgusting, because this is not normal and this is not okay! This is Climate Change!”

We should not have all that many days above 60 in Denver in February and we had 15 DAYS! 15 that were over 60 and 9 Days over 50!!! This is legit madness! I should not be able to go outside without my full winter getup on during the first 3 months of the year. Yet my winter coat has been rolling around in my trunk since the first week of February! This is Fucking Climate Change People! This is Global Warming! This is not a Drill!!! This is Not a hoax! The shit is hitting the fan and we have very little time to fix it. Get informed people don’t be ignorant! Look around you and you will see. We are killing our home and environment and if we keep this up, sure the Earth itself will still be here but we wont be because the earth will no longer be able to nourish and protect us…

giphy (21)


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