The Resistance Calendar!



Awesome a one stop shop to keeping tabs on ways to protest The Predator and Chief!

The Resistance Calendar

This is such a great resource, I already had RSVPd to the ones in my area but it’s great to keep an eye on anything new that might come up. Thank you Michael Moore for keeping us Organized! That is going to be one of the things that makes us successful in this fight!


We could have been on top of the world…

I am forever heart broken over this election. She is such an amazing person! Sure she has her flaws no one can deny that. But she would have made an amazing president and you can bet your ass none of this bull shit would be going on under her. She knows the responsibility that come with the Job, she understands the consequences of her actions, and she wants to help the american people.

Trump preached “draining the swamp” and that “Hillary is in wall streets pocket”. I hate to say I told you so but… Big business, corrupt, egotistical, moron, sensitive, baby, piece of shit, monster, ass face, Predator and Chief Trump is the one that is in wall streets Pockets… And actually I don’t hate saying it… Fuck you Suckers, TOLD YOU SO!

Now I don’t want to stir the pot… (To much) But seriously Hillary is so poised and professional. I’m sure she has her Selina Meyer Moments. I think that comes with the territory.


 You have to kiss a lot of asses you really don’t want to, and bend on a lot of things you hold valuable to get anywhere in politics. But she doesn’t act like a little toddler that is having a huge fit. For instance this nonsense about him throwing a fit about a women portraying a man on SNL! Seriously your the FUCKING PRESIDENT NOW! STOP YOUR FUCKING CRYING AND DO YOU GOD DAMN JOB!

(Also side note if you have not watched the 2/04/2017 SNL It is  a must see. Probably one of the best episodes they have ever done.)

And BTW all of us “Professional Protesters” are out there marching to inform you that the majority of this country you are sworn to protect and represent are not happy with your decisions. We are not all out there crying because out candidate lost, we are upset that you are such a fucking selfish moron! You want the Oval office act like you deserve it! Listen to the people that’s your fucking job!

As I was writing this it was announced that Betsy Dumb Ass DeVos was confirmed as Education Secretary in a tie breaking vote made by homophob Vice Bitch Mike Pence… You can expect another Rant to follow soon to address this mess…

Also sorry for the language but seriously what the fuck is going on? How is this real life?


Why I March & Why I fight.

(BTW credit to who ever made this stupid ass meme. I don’t know who you are but you made it and I am absolutely not meaning to take credit for it)

I keep seeing this picture floating around. I saw it directly after the election posted by people I consider to be friends, and today a person from my own family has posted it. I feel like there is a deep misunderstanding of why people (myself included) are protesting and I have to try and explain my reasoning.

The day of the election I, like most of the world, thought that Hillary had the election in the bag. I arrogantly thought she was going to walk away with it. I was completely brokenhearted over the fact that she did not win the election. I have literally never cried so much in a single day in my entire adult life. I went to bed that night feeling as if my country had turned it’s back on me. I felt as though I didn’t belong in the country that I had spent my entire life. The country I had respected and was happy in for nearly 28 years didn’t want or respect me. It wasn’t so much that Donald Trump had won as much as that so many people could look past all the terrible things he has said and done and still support him.

I honestly still can not wrap my head around the fact that so many people are up in arms about Hillary’s Emails. Calling her crooked, and nasty. But are totally fine with a man accused numerous times of sexual harassment. They don’t mind that this man now in charge of our country has no problems profiling people based on the color of their skin, religion, sexual orientation or identity. They just want “someone different”; I understand that, but you can’t ignore all the horrible things he has said and done.

I personally think it is a war on women. Many Americans don’t believe a woman can run the country because we are to”soft” and not “strong” or “demanding” enough to lead. So he and his campaign undermine everything Hillary has done or said to keep that fire lit. He interrupted her during the debates. He creates lies to make her seem less informed and less trustworthy. He continually disrespects her to try and get a lead. And it all worked.

Yes, I am upset that this man “won” the election. (I will get into my opinions on the Electoral college in a different post because that’s a whole conversation in and of itself.) But it isn’t just because of how he ran his campaign. The things he has promised and supports go against EVERYTHING I stand for and I find valuable in this country.

He promises to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it…  For one thing the whole idea is completely illogical to me. Why would Mexico pay for a wall they don’t want made specifically to keep them out of our country? He denies science and thinks that Climate Change is a ruse made up by the China… Why would China make something like Climate Change up, and why would 97% of scientists lie about it? He and other Republicans want to be rid of the Affordable healthcare act without and kind of transition or plans for something to replace it. Just get rid of it. He says he has all these great plans and it’s gonna be amazing! Yet hasn’t said or given any details for what his plans are. I understand a lot of people don’t necessarily like the way affordable healthcare is set up but many people need it and now they are just going to rip it away. To hell with you and your family who use it.

But now we get into the meat and potatoes of my issues with this administration. The War on Women. I am 100% Pro Choice! I personally know that I never want to become a mother, EVER! That should be my right as an adult American woman to make that decision myself. Now if by some miraculous conception (I’m talking almost like virgin Mary status) I became pregnant it should be my choice. Not a bunch of old white guys that don’t know me or my circumstances, because in my case if I became pregnant it would be from non consensual relations. But the republican party doesn’t care about me. They care about an unborn fetus that I don’t want, and that I know would completely ruin me mentally.

Now, I and most Pro Choice people are not saying that we all have to make the same choice. I’m not saying that if I was put in a situation where I felt I needed an abortion that that’s what all women want, would, or should choose. That’s the whole point I don’t get to tell you what to do with your life. So why should you be aloud to tell me how to live mine? Yes there are other options like adoption. I am completely behind adoption. My mother was adopted and it’s a great alternative to those who choose that. But I would not be able to bear caring around something for 9 months I never wanted and was forced upon me.

“Almost like Virgin Mary Status” brings me to my next issue with the new administration. I am an out and proud lesbian, I have no shame in this because that’s who I am. Always have been always will be. Mr Trump wants to repeal same sex marriages. Now I don’t think that marriage is right for me specifically. Of course it’s easy to say that when you’re single but I also don’t see why I can’t marry the person I may fall in love with someday. Just because some people find it appalling. I think heterosexual relations are appalling but you don’t see me telling you can’t have them. The difference is that I understand that is who some people are. We can’t always help who we are attracted to because it isn’t just a choice it is deeper than that and almost more animalistic than that. If your argument is the bible then I suggest you reevaluate the bible. Jesus accepts everyone no matter who they are! Jesus was a kind, accepting, and believe it or not a rather progressive man. To hate someone for who they are is going completely against what he preaches.

Mike Pence believes that conversion therapy is a good way to”Fix” someone’s sexual preference. He sees us as having a disease that needs to be treated. I don’t need to be fixed or treated for anything. I need to feel love and support from my friends and family to live a life of honesty without fear of others.

So, for the people who claim protests are only acceptable when Human rights are being violated. You have to understand some peoples Human rights are being violated. We are threatened by an administration that doesn’t recognize the majority of the country it is suppose to represent. We fear extreme prejudice against who we are by the people who are suppose to protect us. We face a future filled with lies and deception to protect the wealthy while most are made to suffer in fear and poverty with no healthcare and no rights to their own bodies or choices.

We fear oppression. We witness small, yet scary, things slowly starting to change around us. We see warning signs of an unfit leader blindly luring us to our demise. We won’t sit idly by as the things we hold dear are torn away from us. We won’t be quiet to injustice. We stand together because we are, in fact, stronger together.

I marched for my sisters, cousins, aunts, friends and fellow women’s futures. I want to see a world where women can live a life without fear. I march for equality because we are no less than any man. I march because bullies do not dictate our future. I march because I am tired of being seen as someone who barks but doesn’t bite. Yesterday, I felt more love and acceptance from millions of strangers across the globe than I have felt today from members of my own family.

If you think we are out marching because we are sore losers you are miss informed.  We are doing the right thing by not just turning a blind eye. If you think that we are being “whiny little bitches” consider yourself lucky. That means you have not had to overcome others undermining your feelings, struggles, or your own being, day in and day out.

We are not going to wait for our Human Rights to be Violated before we Protest. We Protest so that our Human Rights do not get Violated!