God Damn it you little Prick!

I know it’s been a while but today was a big day full of bullshit!

OMG!!! I hope your kids don’t have respiratory and/or health problems because Donald Trump just made it a lot easier for Big Oil, Gas, and Coal to poison our air… Heads up America he doesn’t give a SHIT about you.


Now I understand that the agreement was that all the countries got together to say hey we are all in agreement that we need to do something to prevent further climate change. And I understand that maybe some countries haven’t done such a great job at that. Sure sure. But That doesn’t mean we get to just completely pull out and and start building more mines and factories and rigs. That is literally the worst thing we can do!

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To me (and I think most of the world) the Paris Climate Agreement is not about money which is what Donald Trump is making it out to be. He thinks the agreement is bad for for our economy but the problem is not the money, the problem is Climate change! If we continue to do nothing we are destroying this habitable planet we live on! Now if we destroy the earth and make it so that we can no longer breath because the air is so toxic, feed ourselves because the soil filled with chemicals that prevent plants to grow, or stay hydrated because the water is poisoned then what do we do? NOTHING there is nothing we can do after that! The answer at that point is that we all die! We must take responsibility to help preserve what little we have!

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Donald Fuck Face Trump is the biggest con man EVER and every thing he says is a Lie! Him pulling the United States out of the agreement is purely about money! And not in a way that he is putting it in the american people’s pocket…. nope… Sorry to burst you little Conservative Bubble. This is him loading up his fat cat buddies wallets with your money while shoving shit down your throat! If you don’t see that you are a blind ignorant moron. He doesn’t care about us! He cares about being rich. He keeps crying “Fake News” and “Liberal Media”. He wants you to think that he knows best when in reality he knows nothing… Literally!

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He doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. He thinks that what he is doing reflects what the people want or need. But then ignores the Marches, strikes, and calls that protest what he is doing chalking us up to just a minority. a small group of “Unfair” people who are picking on poor Mr Trump… We are not the Minority! This is the job he wanted, and now that he is in office he is only playing by his own rules, ‘Fuck the Constitution! Fuck the People! Fuck the Environment! Fuck it all! I’m Mr President and you will all do as I say now shut up and sit down…’ No thank you.

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At this point he has made it very clear he can’t be trusted with the american people’s well being. So we all need to step up and do our parts in helping to save our planet. And to the other countries in the world, Please do not think that what this madman does actually represents what we want. He is completely out of touch with what the majority of our country believes in and fights for. He is a selfish little prick and doesn’t deserve one ounce of respect!

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Climate Change is real.


It make me kinda sick… Everyone keeps saying. “What a beautiful day right?” and I always say, “Sure the weather is nice and all, and trust me no one hates the cold and snow more than me, but it’s also super scary and disgusting, because this is not normal and this is not okay! This is Climate Change!”

We should not have all that many days above 60 in Denver in February and we had 15 DAYS! 15 that were over 60 and 9 Days over 50!!! This is legit madness! I should not be able to go outside without my full winter getup on during the first 3 months of the year. Yet my winter coat has been rolling around in my trunk since the first week of February! This is Fucking Climate Change People! This is Global Warming! This is not a Drill!!! This is Not a hoax! The shit is hitting the fan and we have very little time to fix it. Get informed people don’t be ignorant! Look around you and you will see. We are killing our home and environment and if we keep this up, sure the Earth itself will still be here but we wont be because the earth will no longer be able to nourish and protect us…

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The Resistance Calendar!



Awesome a one stop shop to keeping tabs on ways to protest The Predator and Chief!

The Resistance Calendar

This is such a great resource, I already had RSVPd to the ones in my area but it’s great to keep an eye on anything new that might come up. Thank you Michael Moore for keeping us Organized! That is going to be one of the things that makes us successful in this fight!


Choosing to ignore our voices, doesn’t mean we aren’t speaking.

No one has called to complain? What are you on crack?

This piece of shit, bold orange faced liar is so full of crap I can’t even wrap my head around it. I can’t understand a person or rather a group of people being so selfish they can completely ignore a major issue like this. To pretend ‘hey it’s no big deal, I haven’t heard anything complaints’ is despicable.

For an ordinary person to be this ignorant is a disgrace. But to come from the Predator and Chief is an embarrassment for our whole country. This looks so bad on all of us, and it doesn’t just effect us here in the united states. It effects how the world perceives us. I just hope the rest of the world is patient with us. This mad man lost the Popular vote and the majority of the county is not happy with this clown either.

How can we trust a man that so blatantly ignores the literal cries of the people. The city of Seattle has boycotted  Wells Fargo in protest of the DAPL (also they are a bunch of money stealing ass hats). But I suppose these protests are just perceived as an annoying fly buzzing around tiny hand’s big head . All this ass face cares about is the dollar signs but not in the way some blind conservatives think. He isn’t think about how much theoretical money this might make for the United States and its people. He is think about how much money this can put into his friends and families pockets.

This man is a swindler and it is going to be the american people that will end up paying in the long run. Not only out of our pockets but out of our mouths. Climate change is a REAL Problem and Water is becoming scarce. If we taint the healthy water supply we have then we have no one to blame but our selves.  Allowing big oil and big business to violate the land and water with the great risk of an oil leak or rupture is unacceptable, selfish, and outrageous!

Don’t let this man fool you. People are still speaking out against the Pipelines. Over a thousand people turned out the first weekend of February in L.A alone to protest the decisions to revive the pipelines. Even if we can’t be heard by the Predator and Chief it doesn’t mean you can’t hear us.

Don’t let monsters make decisions for you. These pipelines don’t bode well with most and if it gives you a bad taste in your mouth like it does us. Speak up, Ask Questions, Donate. But don’t pretend there isn’t a problem.


Bill Nye Saves The World!!!

OMG I need this so bad right now! Why must we wait?

I feel like this could be a very important show! Plus it’s on Netflix so it’ll reach a broader audience. Unlike The Years of Living Dangerously which is a great show that is SO important! But because it is on National Geographic it’s basically preaching to the people that already know how fucked we are, and not the uneducated people that need to learn we are all so Screwed if we don’t start making a difference like Yesterday.

Bill Nye Is such an amazing guy! He made learning science fun when I was a kid. Last year when they released the first season of Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix I binge watched the shit out of it! I have been so pumped to watch this new show! It think the world needs a little more science and Facts. No more of these alternative facts, fake news, or misleading media. It’s time to educate! Science is not a conspiracy and it is about time the world came out of the dark ages! It’s time to get curious again!


Most Generation X- Millennials are so keen on learning truths and wanting to preserve a better more prosperous future! Science and technology is the way to get there and if we can continue to educate ourselves, our children, families, and friends we might be able to save the world. No more of this Jesus Take the wheel nonsense. No almighty being is gonna save our sorry asses we gotta do the hard work ourselves!

With this dumb fuck Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education we have to take matters into our own hands.


Also Watch The Years of Living Dangerously, Cosmos (Both old and New), Bill Nyes Global Meltdown, and Before the Flood. These show are a good place to start.

Powerful words for Dark Times

I have to post this again because it is so relevant. Use your ears, we have the sense of hearing for a reason it is time to use it dammit! There is not excuse for ignorance now. We must listen to each other and we must pay attention to the events around us.

We are better than the hate and lies some are spreading. We are stronger than they are give us credit for and we deserve better than this! We deserve the truth, equal rights for all, and the highest kind of knowledge and education. We are not going to give up and we are not going quietly!

Challenge the authority that tries to steal your rights and silences it’s people! It is not normal and it is not okay for a man to threaten and silence the people he is sworn to protect.  It is not acceptable for a man to censor journalist, or to shut down communications with branches of government that were put in place to get information out to the public. Alternative facts are not facts they are lies! We do not accept the altering of facts we deserve the truth!

Don’t be fooled he is not a President he is a Dictator!


America first?

America First? I guess I just miss understood what that meant. I thought it meant to help the American People and honor what they want, but guess I was wrong. It actually means let me help my billion dollar big oil buddies make a profit while going directly against what most of the American people want. Completely disrespecting the Standing Rock Sioux and the people that support them(Myself included). Not to mention the Extreme impact this will have on our environment because who gives a shit about that when there are Dollar signs to think about right? This man is a monster and every minute it becomes more and more clear to me that we are in serious trouble… Open your eyes everyone we need to be worried!