What’s in a name?

I figured I should give a little background on why I’ve decided to name my Blog “Jane is no ignorant slut” If you are like me you may have never seen the Point Counterpoint segment of Weekend Update in the early days of Saturday Night Live.

Point Counterpoint was a two sided debate on many controversial issues during weekend update. One side taking the liberal view argued by Jane Curtin. The other taking the conservative side by Dan Aykroyd.  Always a funny interaction made more hilarious by the dry and steady performance from both Jane and Dan. The co-anchors would poke fun of each other. Often calling out many flaws of the other person. In this segment Jane Curtin would start with her argument supporting the liberal view and insulting Dan for being a failure and a pompous ass who no one loves. Then switching to Dan to give his Counterpoint he would almost always start by saying “Jane you ignorant slut”. Which would get a big laugh. He then proceeds to accuse Jane of being loose and easy.

Now I thoroughly enjoy the Point Counterpoint segments. But I think it is mostly funny because I agree with Jane on every level. She always gives a smart, educated, and understandable argument to Dan’s outrageous points that are completely illogical. It’s because of this comradery I feel with Jane that I wanted to name my Blog after the segment simply because Jane is not ignorant at all.

In the late 70’s when these segments were aired they seemed to be trying to shed a light on the outrageous steps men take to make a woman seem unqualified to have her own opinions. Now weather they were doing it to show how idiotic it is or if they did it because it was acceptable back then to insult a women’s intelligence it’s hard to say. But for me it can still be funny  if you take it with a grain of salt. I can laugh because I separate it as that’s the way things were in the 70’s. Times have mostly changed and think in my head they were poking fun at how outlandish the whole idea actually is.

Weather they were doing it to be funny or not is neither here nor there at this point. But what’s disturbing is this still happens today. You can simply look at the 2016 election as an example. Donald Trump has been nothing but disrespectful to all women. None more than Hilary Clinton. Instead of going toe to toe with her on the actual issues, or being well educated towards the subjects at hand, and preforming a comprehensive debate. He results to calling her names like “Nasty Women” and fabricating lies to make her seem corrupt and distrustful. Simply to take the spotlight off of himself, and the obnoxious thing is that it worked! He’s like some street magician who tricks you into looking the other way as his picks your pocket, And even though you know he’s doing it you don’t call him out because you like magic. It’s absurd but here we are!

I wanted to use the name  “Jane is no ignorant slut” Because it’s something that can make you laugh but also makes you think. Women are not ignorant, and we will not be bullied or shamed by being called sluts just for using our brain. We have opinions and we have the right to do what we please.

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