Alright here we go.

I have decided to create this blog because I find myself looking for a place to address current events, entertainment, and just plain life. I feel like we live in a time where it’s so easy to reach out and get your thoughts and feelings across to a broader audience. Yet I feel like my voice is not heard. And even if no one ever reads this blog that’s no big deal because I’m thinking of this as more of an electronic journal.

It’s no secret my thoughts and opinions on many topics (as you may come to find out) but because so many times as I’m trying to express myself I find I’m being ignored. Even by my closest friends and family sometimes. I notice that when I am trying to have a conversation with someone about anything… Current events or issues, movies, TV shows (which are my vices and where most of my knowledge lies) I can tell that the people I am talking to seem to be tuning me out. To quote Fight Club “just waiting for their turn to speak”.

It feels like rarely people actually listen to what I’m saying. I may not be the most knowledgeable person. And sure sometimes I say stuff that doesn’t need to be acknowledged but sometimes I do have opinions and emotions that need to be expressed and heard and that is what this blog is for.

Things to expect from this blog:

  • I am a very serious, proud and passionate feminist. A very big theme on this blog is going to be addressing women’s issues.
  • I am a Lesbian. I find no shame or reason to hide this because this is who I am and always have been. In turn I will not cater to a homophobic audience. I will write and share the things that are relevant to my life as a lesbian and in the LGBTQ+ community.
  • I am a major environmentalist. I love the Earth because it’s home. We need to take care of our planet and know the facts about what is going on in the environment. None of this ignorant passive nonsense. I will be sharing a lot of articles featuring Science, Space, The Environment, Clean Energy , and so on.
  • I am a Tiny House enthusiast. This Kind of goes hand in hand with my environmentalist side. I will be sharing a lot of cool Tiny homes, Earth ships, off Grid, low carbon foot print living themed stuff.
  • I am a Vegetarian and Animal Rights Activist. I love animals and want to help protect them. As well as help educate other on animal rights and ways to help. Also you will probably see a lot of my cat Bellatrix on here. She is the love of my life!
  • I am a Television and Movie junkie. I love TV and movies so much! This topic will probably dominate the blog in all honesty. As well as keep it from getting to heavy.

There you have it. These are a few of the major topics I’ve been wanting to write about. I figure if you have read this far you have probably been able to gather that I am a serious Liberal and could guess that I am no fan of Donald Trump. (You know because I believe in science, basic human rights and logic in general.)

So here is a quick little disclaimer. If you are pro Trump or Republican that is your choice, your life and your right. But don’t come onto my blog and expect me to be some sucker who isn’t going to stand up for myself or drop some REAL FACTS to support my views. None of this bogus uneducated bullshit. I will not let fake news rule this blog and intend to only post facts. If you notice that something I post is incorrect please let me know in a polite and reasonable way . Oh yeah and site your sources! I will probably be a bit biased because lets face it Donald Trump does not represent or respect me so it’s gonna take a lot  more than some archaic law for me to respect him.

Well I guess that’s it for tonight. I will be posting a little bit tomorrow on why I have chosen to name my Blog “Jane is no Ignorant Slut” and a little story/response to some lame ass sexist foolishness I had to deal with today.

Goodnight everyone I’ll type to you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Alright here we go.

  1. You rock, Kayla! Love this! Having friends like you makes me think there may be some hope in the next 4 years, as long as we all stick together and speak up!


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